COVID-19 Mental Wellbeing Support Programme

Heart of Torbay CIC has launched a freely accessible mental wellbeing support programme for the residents of Torbay.

COVID-19 and the situation it has led us all to in terms of lockdown, uncertainty, worry, stress and indeed loss of physical contact with our loved ones has impacted on our mental wellbeing. Yes, many of us can still call our loved ones, video chat with our friends or even visit the pub ‘remotely’! However, when it comes to wanting some advice around mental wellbeing or just wanting someone to listen to, all too often our friends or relatives – who indeed may have our very best interests at heart – will advise or comfort you from their perspective. You may even find yourself listening to their situation rather than yours!

How is the Heart of Torbay CIC wellbeing support programme different? Well, your call or video chat with us will be completely non-judgemental AND non-directive. As accredited and professional talking therapists, using powerful listening and questioning skills we can inspire and motivate you to find your own way through your personal situation. You also have your own individual values and beliefs which we will focus on and you can base any decisions or outcomes on.

We all have our own individual preferences in life too, whether that’s a specific way of learning (think reading manuals or ‘just tell me what I have to do’!). We also have different motivations and needs when it comes to accessing different therapies, for example someone may want to try meditation or yoga to help them access peace of mind or another may want to try hypnotherapy or counselling.  There are so many great individual therapies and wellbeing services out there where do you start!

As we said above, our client’s interests are at the heart of all we do and we are an impartial mental wellbeing service. However, what we do have access to is a wonderful array of therapists, activity providers, physical instructors and more. If YOU decide that you’d like to try something in particular then we will support you and help you to make it happen, often reducing or removing financial barriers if that’s what needed to help you get the support and inspiration that will help you thrive.

Call or contact us today to arrange your FREE confidential call or video chat.

It’s great to talk and, of course, it’s ok to not be ok. Stay safe and well.